Expellow – Your Voice In My Head

Finally i could test my baby in a “non-ideal enviroment”. For a long time, I wanted to know how the Panasonic GH4 performs in lowlight situations. Because I visit concerts regurarly and know many swiss metalcore bands personally, I always wanted to record one of them live and edit a live video. My goal was to broaden my experience and to see a concert from a different perspective. An old friend of mine ist playing in a band called Expellow. They just recorded a new album and planned a release show. When I heard the news, I instantly called him and asked if I could attend with a camera :)…

My first time at a live gig… *uff*

I recorded the whole show, which was about an hour long. Because I had just one camera with me (Panasonic GH4), I didn’t have different angles of the same moment. Nevertheless, to realize the video, I took several shots from other songs they played live and synchronized the speed with the track “Your Voice In My Head”. Sometimes it was really difficult and fiddly but I’m happy with the endresult. Concerning colour correction: almost everything is directly out of camera (95%). I adjusted brightness and temperature in a few clips.

Expellow, support them

You like em? Support them with giving them a like on their Expellow Facebook page and buying the new Album “Modern Age Credo”!


Panasonic GH4
Metabones BMCC Speedbooster (Nikon G Mount)
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 (Nikon F Bajonett)

LAING P-04 Stabilizer

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014
Adobe After Effects CS6 (Intro/Outro)